Making vintage cake stands

Making vintage cake stands

I don’t think there is anything nicer than displaying your cake, or afternoon tea on a pretty, vintage cake stand:

Afternoon tea

And we have a good selection here at Ticklepenny Teacups, from one tier glass or China pedestal stands,

Glass cake stands
Collection of one tier glass pedestal cake stands.

To 2 and 3 tier vintage china ones:

3 tier vintage china cake stands
A selection of 3 tier cake stands

If you would like to discuss hiring some cake stands for your event, please get in touch; we have no minimum order size and also give discounts for larger bookings.

If you are making your own cake stands, here are a few tips:

Select your plates carefully.  Any imperfections, chipping, hairline cracks etc may well cause the plate to shatter when drilling.

The bottom plate should have a deep enough ‘foot’ so that the base of the screw and washers do not stand proud of the stand and cause it to wobble when constructed.

Buy strong cake stand fittings, some bend easily with the weight of the plates.  Don’t leave the stands constructed for long periods of time, as this can cause bending!

You will need a special drill bit for china or ceramics, these are often sold with the fittings.

Don’t judge the centre of the plate by eye, measure it; or again, some cake stand fittings come with a template.

Sadly, despite your best efforts, some plates will crack during the process, so don’t use anything you couldn’t bear to loose.

Here are some I made earlier:

Selection of 3-tiered cake stands

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